Monday, July 27, 2009

My first ultrasound experience

For those of you who don't know this about me - I am afraid of kids! I always have been. Now maybe a little less than before, but to a certain extent, I still am.

But out of love I gathered enough excitement to go with the Tiongsons to get Bern's ultrasound (13 weeks) at this neat place called In My Womb in Megamall. It's this neat little ultrasound place that's cheaper than the hospital, and it's still done by a real doctor. The best thing about it is that there's a viewing room for the family with up to five chairs. There's a huge flat screen TV on the wall so you can all see the ultrasound images and surround sound speakers! And that's probably the only reason why I got to tag along with the whole family for this intimate moment. Haha, adopted daughter na talaga!

And you know what? It was amaaaazing! Seeing that little baby squirming and kicking and turning - all inside Bern's belly! I know I've seen it on TV and my parents and titas all talk about it. But it's just really different when it's someone your age, and someone you were silly college girls with.

This was Bern's first ultrasound when the baby was just a little embryo.

And this is her now at 13 weeks! So fast!

The most amazing things was when the doctor turned on the sound so we could hear the baby's heartbeat. Before that, the whole family and myself were soooo noisy inside the observation room. But when the doctor switched on the speakers and we could hear the baby's strong heartbeat in surround sound, everyone just grew quiet! Blanche and I slowly turned to each other and we both had tears welling up in our eyes. It was just so.. well somewhere halfway between scary and amazing. I mean, that's a real person!

That's the baby's heartbeat represented by the lines below the baby's picture.

And of course Bern had tears welling in her eyes too when the doctor said she was gonna have a baby girl :-) But the doctor also said to wait a few more weeks for her next ultrasound to know for sure what the gender is, coz it's kinda too soon to know for sure. So 'til then, we'll probably hold off on all the shopping for pink baby stuff.

Can't wait 'til December!
I'm designated proxy while Blanche is gonna be out for ship duty again around that time. Hope she comes before Christmas break so I can go.

PS - one last thing.. Don't go for the 4D imaging until your super close to giving birth na. Bern was on her third trimester and the doctor showed us the 4D image, it was still kinda scary! I could hear her say "Doc, go back to 2D nalang!" Heheh, so I guess it'll be a few more months before they go fr the 4D again.

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