Sunday, November 2, 2008

I left my heart in New York, and my stomach in KL!

New York, I think, will always be my first love. I still consider the almost half a year I spent living in Manhattan the best days of my life, even now after 2 whole years of being back home. Broadway, museums, Central Park, 5th Avenue (even if I only window-shopped), the United Nations, and more Broadway!

So yeah, I can pretty much say that NYC's got my heart. But you know what? KL definitely has my stomach!

About a month back I visited my best friend who is now based in KL, Malaysia. She totally got me to go not only because I missed her but also 'coz of all her stories about the great shopping - Suria Mall, The Pavillion, MidValley, The Curve, Ikea (ooooh, Ikea!), Plaza Damas...

Yes, I came home with 5 pairs of lovely shoes and a couple of adorable bags, but it was all the FOOD that made it such a memorable trip.

Hawker stall food there is AMAZING!
This is me telling my best friend to hurry up and take the picture already
coz I was dying to start eating! Satay barbecue, Chicken Rice and Kuey Teoh Noodles. Mmmmm... And all for really cheap, too!

After reviewing my pictures from the trip I was so sad
to find out I don't have any Pau pictures. Pau is like our Shopao times fifty!
Chicken Curry Pau and Beef Curry Pau from Yik Mun are the best!!!
(I even brough a dozen home!)
Anyway, here's a picture of me having noodles at Yik Mun.
Take note, this came after the 2 pcs of Pau!

Chicken Rice at Rasa's in KLCC Suria Mall.

And of course I couldn't miss Roti Boy!

We took a break to have some celebratory drinks in honor of a successful shopping trip.
Me and my watermelon martini with Anika and her (what else?) beer at Starhill Gallery.
Love that place, you can really feel the poshness!

And the next day we took a beer break in between all the shopping just to recharge.
This is me with my Tiger beer in Alex. First time I tried it ever.
Don't be fooled by the smile, I thought it was *yech*!
Good thing Alex had the juiciest most delicious dumplings I've ever tasted.

And yet again, on the third day, we celebrated another successful shopping trip
by grabbing some wine at Michaelangelo's. The place was beautiful, with sketches of Michaelangelo's work as wallpaper. Plush, heavy carved wood seats and dim lighting.
But despite all that, prices were really good.

And before you guys think that all I did in KL was eat and drink and eat and drink... let me end this post with the ever present KL tourist staple - the Petronas Towers pic. Thanks to Anika for taking this great shot, lovin' the drama!