Monday, March 8, 2010

Ignite Manila 1

Was fortunate enough to get a seat reservation at the geek convention that is called Ignite Manila. 16 speakers, 5 minutes each. True to the event's tagline -- "Enlighten us, but make it quick!"

It was a night that held many delights for the geek within me. But let me just share two of the best thoughts I picked up that night:


Work with the given.
Work with the given.
Work. with. the. given.

Life is the co-director.

~Khavn de la Cruz, digital film maker


There is beauty all around Manila.
If you don't see it,
there is something wrong with you.
There is nothing wrong with Manila.

~Carlos Celdran


Roster of speakers at Ignite Manila 1:
  1. Nina Terol Zialcita (Communicator, Connector, Changemaker) A ball can change the world: Lessons from the 2009 Milan Homeless World Cup
  2. Paul Zialcita (percussionist, performance artist, social advocate) Recycle music. Recycle life.
  3. Alvin Gale Tan (entrepreneur; people-reader) 7107 Reasons
  4. Elizabeth Angsioco (National Chair, Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines (DSWP)) Reproductive Health
  5. Mikong Galero (web developer, go player) Why Go is better than Chess
  6. Bill Shaw (Social entrepreneur) Jeepney Magazine: the first “street paper” in developing Asia
  7. Benj Espina (Backpacker) Visit Sagada
  8. Victor Asuncion lead (vocals, guitarist, songwriter of Indios band) On joining the national search for Rivermaya’s lead vocalist
  9. Bryan Bibat (UP AME alumnus) Saving a Dying Geek Community
  10. Frank Manuel (Software Developer, Astronomy geek) The coolest things in the universe
  11. Team New Slang (Overshare Advocates) Creative Nonfiction, Show-and-Tell, and Getting the Blog Out of Writing
  12. Norman Wilwayco (Novelist and Blogger) How I Created My Latest Book
  13. Khavn dela Cruz (Digital filmmaker) On digital films
  14. Dean Jorge Bocobo (Writer, commentator, atheist) Why Atheists Should Come Out Of The Closet
  15. Carlos Celdran (performer, visual artist) Myths and Legends for Filipinos
  16. Ana Santos (sexual health advocate / vagina warrior) Sexual Health Made Sexy and SASsy

General Emilio Aguinaldo - A Character Sketch

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I came across this wonderful article about Emilio Aguinaldo written by the eloquent American Diplomat, Edwin Wildman (United States Vice Consul General in Hong Kong) in a Harper's Weekly issue dating back to 1898.

I tried to look for it online. Although I found a lot of scholarly work referencing the article, I cannot find the actual piece itself. Maybe I'll go back to the Benpress Museum one day and copy it. Hmmm... When will I ever have the time?

But I managed to note down a bit of the introduction. See how Wildman can at once express his admiration for Aguinaldo, but at the same time throw him in a realistic, practical light:

"In the nineteenth century there has not been a more unique figure among the native races of earth than this Tagalo patriot - or rebel: call him what you will. Philosophers call silent men wise, superficial people call them ignorant. Aguinaldo is wise among his people, ignorant among Europeans. A man must be judged by his environments, his compatriots, his race. Aguinaldo is not a Napoleon nor a Washington, neither is he a Tecumseh or a Sitting Bull. He is Aguinaldo, and his name stands for no metaphor."